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IRS E-mails

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Have you been receiving some interesting e-mails from the Internal Revenue Service; or so it says they are the alleged senders? If you have received such aforementioned emails from the IRS, it would behoove you to read this article!

“PHISHING” phishing \ noun \ fi-shi - a scam by which an e-mail user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly. Those that create Phishing Scams; create their scams predicated on the victim’s ignorance or lack of knowledge of current scams to obtain information by deceit. Lately I have noticed a rash of phishing scams; which allegedly address a tax refund and/or payment from/to the Internal Revenue Service and they need additional information to complete the transaction. For your perusal I have included within this article a caption of one of many such e-mails that was recently address to me personally. Furthermore I received additional copies of the captioned email but from a different agent; as if they were being sent en masse by different agents.

Last Updated on Thursday, 08 December 2011 08:39

Where will the Smart Shopper Buy this Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is drawing near; and I’ve noticed as I go into some of the various businesses that inventory levels are not bulging at the seams like previous years. Is it the signs of the times or is it that delays in inventory coming in is the fact rather than the retailers not ordering as much. Regardless of the reason; our buyers and users of our products and services are much smarter and hold out for great deals rather than just rush out and buy as in the past. They have grown accustomed to coupon deals; after holiday clearance sales and online purchases the era of the Smart Shopper is upon us the retailers and service providers.

An interesting article I came across addresses the fact that “National Survey Finds Corporate Websites Generate Most Sales Leads But Are Not Servicing Customers Once They Arrive”

Source: EON: Enhanced Online News
Source URL:
Published date: September 29, 2011 08:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

“SAN FRANCISCO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--According to a 2011 Demandbase National Marketing and Sales Study released today by marketing technology company Demandbase and online business network Focus, a company’s corporate website is the top source of new sales leads—second only to

Last Updated on Sunday, 02 October 2011 23:24

QR (Quick Response) codes

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Send a text message to create a consulting appointmentA Brief Prelude: Do you recall how clients or customers use to affirm if a business was a business? It sometimes can be rather comical how a business is judged if they are truly a full fledge thriving business. A small business was once affirmed if they had a fax number; a simple fax number owned and assigned to business would many times in clients/customers minds authenticate and validate a business as a thriving business. As technology progressed enters the pager; now not only did the business have to have a fax number but its employees had to have personal pagers. Personal pagers gave the client/customer direct access to the business contact they were used to doing business with, it is all about immediate access. Enters the development and not so costly access of cell phones; not only did you have to have a fax, a pager, but a cell phone, again

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 04:27

Houston will crack down on disabled-parking fraud

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Source: Houston Chronicle

Source URL:

Houston will crack down on disabled-parking fraud Those parked too long in metered spots would be fined


Updated 12:02 a.m., Friday, September 23, 2011

Beginning Oct. 8, vehicles with a disabled parking placard no longer will receive free all-day parking at the city's meters. They now will receive free one complete cycle on the meter - frequently but not always two hours.

Photo: Johnny Hanson / Houston Chronicle

The city of Houston is cracking down on suspected fraudulent use of disabled parking placards by ticketing vehicles parked too long in metered spots.

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 September 2011 22:45

HPD considers new uniforms, badges and cars

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Source:, Source URL:
HPD considers new uniforms, badges and cars, The law may get a new look, Houston police consider changes in uniforms, badges and cars
By: JAMES PINKERTON @ HOUSTON CHRONICLE, Published 05:30 a.m., Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Houston Police Department's 5,300 officers are heading for a historic makeover — ditching their iconic 1960s-era uniforms for a more rugged style suited for working the streets, according to city and union officials.

In addition to studying a change in duty uniforms, HPD leaders are considering a redesign of badges that could incorporate a tracking microchip. Discussions also are under way about replacing another high-visibility HPD trademark: The white cruisers with blue lettering could give way to black-and white patrol cars, said Gary Blankinship, president of the

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 September 2011 20:52
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